Visit To Murree

In the beautiful land of Pakistan, Murree is considered one of the most visited and popular cities for tourist attractions. Visit To Murree is good for travelers.

Overview of Visit to Murree

In beautiful Pakistan, Marie is considered one of the most visited and popular tourist attractions. Travelers come to Murry to escape the scorching heat of this gorgeous mountain resort. Mountains with lush green trees, cool weather, clean air, beautiful valleys, and above all, clouds caressing you on the highway. Murray is famous for its spectacular landscapes crisscrossed with pine and oak-covered mountains, waterfalls and streams, meadows and forests.

American journalist Camille commented

 “Anything can happen in Marie. Romance is in the air. A conspiracy swirls. The road to this convivial resort stretches beyond heaven and earth. Falling in love with Marie is easy.” Murree is located 104 miles from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. She connects Islamabad with the regions of Punjab, North West Frontier Province and Azad Kashmir with a well-developed network of roads. The highway linking Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Murray greatly reduced travel time.


 Marie comes from “Maruhi” which means “high place”. It is located in an area of ​​the Pir Panjar Mountains at an altitude of 7,517 feet. Founded via way of means of the British in the 18th century. The British colonial government developed the town of Murray shortly after it conquered that part of India in 1850. Murray served as the summer headquarters of the Punjab regional government until 1876.

Climate During Visit To Murree

 Marie’s mild climate is one of the reasons she is a popular summer vacation destination. However, some travelers choose to visit Marie in the winter, when there are fewer crowds, less snow, and more scenic views. Marie is one of the most beautiful places in the world to see snowfall in winter. People revel in snowball fights and ice skating.

Highlights During Visit to Murree

 Mall Road:

 Mall Road is Murray’s most famous tourist destination and market. That’s why there’s always so much hustle and bustle here. There is a bazaar about 10 feet below the main street of the mall. However, if you want to save time, go to the mountains during the day and Mall Road in the evening if you just want to shop and eat. Both sides of the street are lined with stalls, restaurants, and various shops. A visit to Murree will be joyful for you.

Pindi Point:(Visit of Murree)

 Pindy Point is one of Murray’s most popular tourist attractions. His 1.5km chairlift from Pindi Point to Bangsaragari is a lot of fun. The view from the lift is breathtaking. Large pine trees are planted around it, soothing your eyes. A visit to Murree will be joyful for you.

Patriata (New Mary):

New Murray is located in Lower Topa, about 15 kilometers from the famous Murray Hills. It is a well-maintained mountain station blessed with beautiful scenery and tall trees. Patriata is known for its chairlift. The journey length is about 7 km. From here you can see the Kashmir Mountains as the lift reaches the central hill. You can also stay and refresh Take the cable car up to Patriata Hill. The view from there is charming and mesmerizing. Riding a lift or cable car is a unique experience. Many beautiful views can be seen from nearby and distant hills. The hills are completely covered with snow. In summer you can admire the beautiful green scenery.

Kashmir Point:(Visit of Murree)

 Night illumination of Mall Road from GPO to Pindi Point is beautiful when viewed from Kashmir Point. Likewise, the illumination of the surrounding mountains and valleys looks like stars on the ground, making for spectacular views from above. A visit to Murree will be joyful for you

Stay Point:(Visit of Murree)

A renowned tourist destination, Murray offers a wide range of hotel options to suit all budgets. Marie also has a number of government-run private rooms and nursing homes. 

What to buy:

  Marie has a variety of craft shops where visitors can purchase decorative items to commemorate their visit to this hill country. In addition, traditional clothing, hats, carved walking sticks, jewelry, and leather goods are abundant. A visit to Murree will be joyful for you.

How to reach:(Visit of Murree)

 It takes about 2 hours to reach Murray by motorbike. Marie can be reached in a number of ways. Many buses and vans run from Islamabad (Faizabad) and Rawalpindi (Pilwadai) to Murree. Daewoo Bus also operates on the highway. A visit to Murree will be joyful for you.

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